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Is it an ATM machine? Is it a photobooth?? No, it's a SMART KIOSK!!!
Features include: augmented-reality, presence sensors, automatic printouts, user analytics...
All features are configurable and customizable as per requirements.


Concept: Vishal Rawlley
Agency: Visual Juju
Client: CtrlS
Event: IDG 'Premiere 100'


This 'Smart Kiosk' is designed like a Fortune Telling Machine.

Its screen reflects viewers like a mirror, but hovering over their heads, is also a cloud loaded with money.

As the person approaches close to the screen, the kiosk automatically takes a photograph of the person's face.

It then automatically fires a printout of a lucrative offer-document for the person, with the photo of the person embedded in it. Good fortune for our visitor is prophesied on the printout.

The backend creates a time-stamped record of the visitors with their mugshots, thus providing useful audience interaction data.

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